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When was the Chocolate Chip Cookie Invented

Chocolate chip cookies are popular treats eaten all over the world. But when was the chocolate chip cookie invented? This post will answer that question and then tell you how chocolate chip cookies were invented!

When was the Chocolate Chip Cookie Invented?

Chocolate chip cookies were invented sometime during the 1930′s by Ruth Graves Wakefield at the Toll House Inn in Whitman, Massachusetts. Sources differ about exactly when Ruth Wakefield invented the recipe. Some suggest 1930, others 1933 and some 1937. Wakefield discovered chocolate chip cookies by accident…

How Were Chocolate Chip Cookies Invented?

A favorite dessert at the Toll House Inn was Butter Drop Do cookies. One day, Ruth Wakefield did not have baker’s chocolate needed to cook the dessert. She decided to cut a chocolate bar into pieces thinking it would melt like the baker’s chocolate. However, the chocolate bits did not melt but only ‘softened’. Everyone who ate the cookies loved them and chocolate chip cookies were born!

A story from former head chef George Boucher and his daughter Carol Cavanagh contradicts the story above. They claim that the chocolate bar accidentally fell into a sugar cookie dough that George was mixing. Ruth Wakefield wanted George to discard the dough as, according to George’s version of the story, she knew that the chocolate bits would not melt. However, George convinced her to let him cook the cookies and a new dessert was born.

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