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When Was The Federal Reserve Created

The Federal Reserve System, also known as the Fed, is the central bank of the United States. The role of the Federal Reserve is similar to most other central banks around the world. These roles may include regulating the money supply, controlling the interest rates and regulating financial institutions. However, unlike most central banks the Federal Reserve does not create the currency of the United States. The main goal of the organization is to maintain a reliable and stable financial system.

When Was The Federal Reserve Created
The Federal Reserve was created in 1913 when Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act on December, 23. The creation of a central bank was largely due to the worry caused by a series of financial panics, especially the panic of 1907. The leader of the Republican senate, Nelson Aldrich, launched two commissions to study both the American and European financial systems. After visiting Germany he began to support the idea of a central bank. In 1910 he secretly met with 5 of the biggest members of the banking community of New York to develop a central banking bill. Years of debate followed and it looked like the plan was doomed after Democrats took control of the Congress, but the Democrat President Woodrow Wilson thought that it was a good idea that needed a few modifications. The slightly modified plan became the Federal Reserve Act and the rest is history.

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