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When was the first car made

Cars (also called automobiles) are motor vehicles that are used primarily to transport people. But when was the first car made? This post will answer that question and then tell you three interesting facts about cars!

When was the first car made?

Ferdinand Verbiest, a Christian missionary in China, built the first car in 1672. He designed the vehicle as a toy for the Chinese Emperor. It was only a small vehicle, unable to transport people. It was powered by steam.

The first modern car was invented by German Karl Benz in 1885. His design used an internal combustion engine (as most cars do today). The internal combustion engine had actually been designed in 1806 by Swiss inventor Francois Isaac de Rivaz. However, only Benz was able to modify the design to successfully power a vehicle.

Interesting Facts About Cars

  • Today, most cars are powered by diesel or gasoline (also called petrol). The burning of these gases is believed to contribute to global warming.
  • Worldwide, about 1.2 million people are killed every year in car accidents. Also, over 40 million people suffer injury from an automobile accident.
  • Alternatives to traveling in cars include taking public transport (buses, trains, trams and more), cycling, walking, skateboarding, horseback riding and rollerskating.

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