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When was the Telephone Invented

The telephone (often just called the phone) is a device that transmits and receives sounds- usually the human voice. The invention changed lives as it allowed people to communicate with others quickly and easily. Telephones have to have a microphone to speak into and an earphone which receives the sound. But when was the telephone invented? This post will answer that very question.

When was the Telephone Invented?

The question is actually a lot more complicated than you might think! Many people have claimed credit for the invention of the telephone and there is a controversy over who was the first to actually invent the phone. However, most people believe that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876 when he was awarded a patent for his electric telephone invention.

Four Interesting Facts About Telephones

  • The microphone which you speak into converts sound waves (from your voice) into electrical signals which are converted back to sound waves at the other end (by the earphone).
  • Innocenzo Manzetti was the first person to come up with the idea of a ‘speaking telephone’. He came up with this idea in 1844.
  • Communication satellites allow people to make phone calls over very long distances, such as between two countries.
  • With the invention of cell phones, the number of people with a fixed telephone line subscription has decreased over the last few years.

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