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Where are Strawberries Grown

Strawberries are a small, heart-shaped, sweet, red fruit that are favored by many throughout the world. They are, on average, 2-5 cm long and are usually available all year round. Strawberries grow in bunches on low lying green bushes and are not actually berries at all, but are part of the rose family. Strawberries survive well in moderately cool climates and are high in vitamin C and provide a good source of folic acid. They are named strawberries as originally straw was used in cultivating the fruit. Most strawberries that are grown for commercial sale are garden from the garden strawberries variety, but they do grow wild all throughout much of Europe and the Americas.

Where are Strawberries Grown?
Due to their popularity strawberries are grown throughout the world wherever the climate is temperate. Almost all of the strawberries that are grown for commercial sale are produced in the Northern Hemisphere. The largest producer of strawberries is the United States with most of them being grown in California. Spain is the second largest producer of strawberries. Interestingly, there are strawberry farms on almost every continent on earth.

Strawberries grow well in full sun and sandy soil and it is best to plant them in winter as the plant is dormant and will not be producing fruit. Strawberry plants like plenty of water when fruiting and can be grown in pots and survive well. Strawberry plants multiply themselves with little effort and will survive in almost any environment.

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