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Where did Bagels Originate From

Bagels are a popular pastry product made in a similar shape to a donut. They are usually made from a wheat dough, which is boiled in water and then baked. However, bagels can also be made with different types of dough, such as rye and whole grain. Bagels have a chewy interior and a crisp exterior and are commonly finished with poppy or sesame seeds. They are available in both fresh and frozen form and in many countries are sold ready to eat from mobile food carts. If you have ever wondered where this popular baked food comes from, keep reading to find out?

Where do bagels come from?
The popular belief is that bagels originated in 1683 in the shape of a stirrup as a commemoration for the Polish King’s victory in the Battle of Vienna. However, they were actually invented much earlier than this. It is believed to have been created sometime before 1610, but this is the first time that it was recorded in written history. The bagel originated from Kraków, Poland, and was invented to compete with a similar baked product called a bublik. The bublik and the bagel are quite similar, but the bublik has a larger hole in the middle and is far chewier.

Did you know?
Bagels were introduced into the United States by Polish-Jew immigrants and quickly became one of the most popular baked products.

The first written account that mentions bagels suggests that they were a popular gift for women after childbirth!

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