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Where did Hummus Originate From

Hummus, or Hummus bi tahini, is a vegetarian dip or spread made primarily from chickpeas. It is often eaten with raw vegetables, corn chips, pita breads and crackers. The chickpeas are combined with olive oil, lemon juice, tahini, and garlic to create a paste that is cream to light brown in color. Many varieties of hummus also have other spices added such as cumin, mint or paprika. It is high in iron and vitamin C and also has the added benefit of providing vitamin B6, foliate and protein. When eaten with bread, hummus provides a complete protein.

Where did Hummus come from?
Due to the fact that Hummus has been around for many centuries it is difficult to pinpoint exactly where it originated from. What we do know is that hummus is traditionally a Middle Eastern food with many of the countries in that area having a variety of hummus as part of their ethnic cuisine. Variations of hummus are eaten all over the Middle east and as far south as India. Some variations of hummus are served warm, whilst others have a chunkier texture and contain whole chickpeas. In Israel there are special stores dedicated solely to hummus.

The earliest known evidence of Hummus was dated to 13th century Egypt. This hummus did not resemble what we know as hummus today. The closest recipe that has been found dates to the late 19th-century and was found in a recipe text in Damascus which is part of modern day Syria.

Many people in the United States incorrectly credit Israel as the country of origin as it was introduced to the U.S through Jewish immigrants. $300 million dollars worth of Hummus is sold in the United States each year.

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