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Where did the Watermelon Originate From

A watermelon is a large fruit with a thick outer shell and fleshy fruit inside. It grows on the watermelon plant, which is a flowering plant that resembles a vine. There are many different varieties of watermelon and although the best known varieties have pinkish-red flesh, there are also types of watermelon with orange, yellow or white flesh. The flesh of the watermelon is juicy and sweet, which makes it a popular fruit for use in fruit salads. Continue reading if you want to know where the watermelon originated from.

Where does watermelon come from?
It is thought that the watermelon originated from southern Africa where it can still be found growing wild today. It is not known when they were first cultivated, but evidence of watermelon farming has been found in Egypt around 2000 BC. It was being grown in China in the 10th century and was transported from there to Europe in the 13th century. It is believed that they were introduced to America in the 16th century, where they were grown by the Native Americans.

Today, the largest producer of watermelons is China at approximately 70 million tonnes. Large crops are also grown in Turkey and Iran, and smaller crops of watermelons are grown throughout much of the world.

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