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Where do Baboons Live

Baboons are a group of monkeys best known for the bright colored swelling on their behinds. Like many primates, baboons are social animals and live in troops of up to 250 animals. They are ground dwelling animals where they spend a good deal of time foraging for food. It is generally accepted that there are five species of baboons, but some experts actually believe these should be classified as subspecies. Generally, the range of these species do not overlap, although some are found relatively close together. Let’s find out where baboons live.

Where do baboons live?
Baboons are native to much of Africa, with a small population of one species being found on the Arabian Peninsula in the Middle East. The largest of the species is the chacma baboon and this species is found in the southern portions of Africa from South Africa through to Angola, Zambia and Mozambique. The following is a map of their range.
A map of Africa showing the distribution of the chacma baboon.

The yellow baboon is similar to the chacma baboon and is found to the north of their close relatives. They are found mostly on the eastern coastline of Africa from Kenya through to Botswana.
A map showing the distribution of the yellow baboon.

The olive baboon lives further north again and this species is roughly found along the equator.
A map showing the distribution of the olive baboon marked in red.

The Guinea baboon, which is the smallest of the species, is found in a small area of Western Africa that includes parts of Guinea, Senegal, Gambia, Mauritania and Mali.
A map showing the distribution of the Guinea baboon.

The hamadryas baboon is found in a small portion of Eastern Africa and at the western tip of the Arabian peninsula. The African range extends from Ethiopia to Somalia and the Middle Eastern population is found in Yemen and Saudi Arabia.
A map of Africa and the Middle East showing the distribution of the hamadryas baboon.

Baboons are regularly found in savannas, grassland and woodlands. Some species can also tolerate semi-arid conditions, rocky areas and alpine slopes.

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