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Where Do Elephants Live

Elephants are animals that have the largest brain of any land animal. But where do elephants live? This post will answer that question and finish by telling you some interesting things about elephants that you may not know!

Where Do Elephants Live?

Elephants live in just 2 continents in the world- Africa and Asia. African elephants are found in 36 African countries. 2 species of elephants live in Africa- Savanna Elephants (which live in grasslands, marshes and beside lakes) and Forest Elephants (which live in dense rainforests). Asian elephants have smaller ears than African elephants. Indian Elephants live in 11 countries (including India and Indonesia) and go between forests and grassland (depending on where there is more food). Sumatran Elephants are found only in Sumatra and they like living in forests.

Interesting Things About Elephants

  • Elephants use their feet to crush watermelons before eating them!
  • Elephants can get very angry for no reason. They can crush and kill any other animal when they are annoyed- even a rhino!
  • The word ‘elephant’ comes from a Greek work meaning ‘ivory’.
  • Elephants cannot trot, jump or gallop.
  • Termites eat elephant poo and often build mounds on top of it!

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