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Where do Kangaroos Live

Kangaroos are marsupials found nearly exclusively in Australia, with some living in parts of Papua New Guinea. There are over 60 different species of kangaroos and they often live in groups (or mobs) of up to 50 kangaroos. But where do kangaroos live? This article will answer that very question and also look at six interesting facts about kangaroos.

Where do Kangaroos Live
Kangaroos live in varying and diverse climates across Australia and Papua New Guinea. Kangaroos can live in arid or cold conditions, in rainforests or deserts. They live on rocky mountains, in desert plains or in the rainforest. They are nocturnal animals, generally resting in shady areas during the day and eating at night. Some species of kangaroos are active in early morning and late afternoon. In Australia they live in all states and territories, including Tasmania. So now you know where kangaroos live, let’s look at six cool facts about kangaroos.

Six Interesting Kangaroo Facts
Fact 1: Kangaroos are really quite disgusting! They regurgitate their food the first time they swallow it so they can chew and swallow it a second time.

Fact 2: Kangaroos are not farmed, but are hunted in the wild for their meat. The meat is actually quite healthy, being low in cholesterol and believed to reduce blood pressure.

Fact 3: The kangaroo is an Australian icon. It is featured on the Australian coat of arms and is the symbol of the Australian airline Qantas.

Fact 4: Kangaroos can go without drinking for up to 3 months, providing that there food contains some water.

Fact 5: Red Kangaroos can reach speed of up to 70km/h (44mph) over short distances and can sustain a comfortable speed of 35km/h (22mph) for over 2 hours.

Fact 6: Kangaroos are preyed upon by only 2 other animals- the dingo and the Australian wild dog.

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  1. I wish i was a kangaroo because they are pretty rad animals…..don’t you wish you were a kangaroo…..

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    Thanks for the amazing information about the Kangaroos.

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