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Where do King Cobras Live

The king cobra is one of the most interesting snake species in the entire world. Not only is it the longest venomous snake (growing up to 5.7 meters in length), but it is known as a snake eater which means that it mainly feeds on other snakes. It is well known as one of the most dangerous snakes in the Asian region where the king cobras live. They populate south and south-east Asia (countries including Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Burma).

The king cobra lives mainly in dense forests at altitude and usually prefers living near pockets of water. They are also a shy animal and, together with their preferred habitat, this means that they are rarely encountered by people. They are under threat by deforestation, but they are not currently listed as endangered or threatened.

In some parts of Asia the cobra is seen as a mythical animal. Despite the fact that the King cobra is poisonous enough to kill a human within 15-45 minutes they are popular with snake charmers throughout much of their range. Even young king cobras are equipped with the same amount of venom as an adult.

The only real predator of the king cobra is the mongoose, which is resistant to the venom. However, even the mongoose doesn’t risk taking on the king cobra unless absolutely necessary.

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