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Where Do Koalas Live

Koalas are mammals that have soft, thick grey or brown fur on their back and white fur on their stomachs. But where do koalas live? This post will answer that question!

Where Do Koalas Live?

Koalas are native to Australia. They are not found in any other country in the world. Koalas are found in all states of Australia except Tasmania and Western Australia. Most koalas in South Australia were exterminated, but they were repopulated with some Victorian koalas. Koalas spend nearly all of their time living in trees. They climb them with their sharp claws and long toes. They sleep during the day and move between trees, and eat, during the night. They sleep a lot as it is very hard to digest their primary source of food- eucalyptus leaves. Each koala has a ‘home’ of several trees that they visit often. Koalas do not visit other koala’s homes, unless a male koala is looking for a female koala to mate with.

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