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Where do Ostriches Live

Ostriches are large, flightless birds that have very distinctive long necks. Ostriches are the largest living species of bird in the world and they also lay the largest eggs of any bird. Ostriches mainly eat seeds and plants, but have also been known to eat the occasional insect! But where do ostriches live? This article will answer exactly that question and also look at seven interesting facts about ostriches.

Where do Ostriches Live
Ostriches are native to Africa, and used to live in the Middle East until they became extinct in the mid 20th century due to excessive hunting. In the wild, ostriches live in savannas. A savanna is just a grassland ecosystem that has a limited amount of trees and shrubs. Ostriches also live in heaps of other countries worldwide, in zoos and on farms. Due to their unique appearance ostriches are a popular attraction in zoos across the world. They are also farmed for their tasty meat, eggs and their very popular feathers. Ostriches can live in both very cold and fairly warm climates and are found in countries like Sweden, Finland and Australia in zoos and on farms. So now you know where ostriches live, let’s look at seven cool facts about ostriches.

Seven Ostrich Facts
Fact 1: Ostrich meat is said to taste like lean beef, although I’ve never tried it myself!

Fact 2: Ostrich meat is high in calcium, protein and iron and is low in cholesterol

Fact 3: Ostrich races, where a person rides an ostrich like they would ride a horse, are popular in some areas of Africa and on the Arabia Peninsula. They are criticized in some countries, like the United States, for being cruel to ostriches.

Fact 4: In some countries, ostriches are classified as a dangerous animal as they have been known to be very territorial and aggressive at times.

Fact 5: Ostriches can reach land speeds of 65 km/h (40mph).

Fact 6: The skin of an ostrich produces very strong leather, with some even claiming that it is the strongest leather you can get!

Fact 7: Some feather duster are made out of ostrich feathers!

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