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Where do Peacocks Live

A Peacock is the male member of the peafowl species, which is part of the pheasant family (although peacock is now recognized as the name for both male and female birds of this species). The peacock has a spectacular tail of green and brown feathers, which spread open wide when courting. Its body is iridescent blue-green in color. Both the male and female of the species has a crest on top of their heads. Female Indian peafowl are dull in color and have dull green, brown or gray feathers. Female peafowl do not have the long trailing tail of the male peacock. Male and female green peafowl both have brightly colored feathers. They are beautiful creatures and can be seen in many wildlife sanctuaries and public parks and gardens.

Where do Peacocks Live?
The Indian Peacock originally comes from South Asia and is the national bird of India. They can be found in most parts of India and people like having them around as they eat small poisonous snakes and insects. The Green Peacock is originally from Asia as well and breeds naturally from Burma to east Java. The Green Peacock is listed as in danger of extinction due to hunting and reduction of habitat. Tame peacocks are found all over the world and some have been known to escape captivity and create wild populations, especially in Central America. They can survive in most environments as long as they have sufficient shelter. Peacocks prefer areas such as forests and woods to live in as they eat plants, flowers, seeds, roots, small insects, reptiles and amphibians. They enjoy living in cooler climates and when kept in captivity can live to be forty to fifty years old.

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