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Where do Peanuts Grow

Peanuts are protein rich nuts that are consumed by millions of people worldwide everyday. Salted peanuts, peanut butter, peanut brittle and roasted peanuts are very common peanut products. But where do peanuts grow? This article will answer that very question, and also look at three interesting facts about peanuts.

Where do Peanuts Grow
Peanuts grow in the ground! Pods of peanuts grow off the pea-like peanut flower. It takes 120 to 150 days for the pods to ripen after the seeds are planted. The pods, along with a little of the peanut bush, are removed and allowed to dry for 2-3 weeks. The pod is then removed from the bush and the peanut is ready to eat! To better answer the question where do peanuts grow, let’s look at where the four main species of peanuts are grown.

Spanish Group Peanuts
Spanish peanuts are grown in South Africa, Oklahoma, Texas and China. They are more oily than other types of peanuts.

Runner Group Peanuts
Runner peanuts are great for roasting and are grown in Georgia, Alabama, Florida and South Carolina.

Virginia Group Peanuts
As you could probably guess from the name, Virginia group peanuts are grown in Virginia. They are also grown in Tennessee and some parts of Georgia.

Valencia Group Peanuts
Valencia peanuts are mostly grown in New Mexico, but they are also grown in some parts of China.

There are also many other types and groups of peanuts that are grown in different parts of the world. America, China, Brazil, Argentina and Sudan are the biggest growers of peanuts. So now you know where peanuts grow. Now let’s look at three great facts about peanuts.

Three Peanut Facts
Fact 1: Peanuts are fairly high in vitamins B1 and B3, as well as magnesium, phosphorus and folate.

Fact 2: New research has shown that peanuts have high antioxidant contents- even rivalling the antioxidant contents found in many fruits and vegetables.

Fact 3: Peanut oil is great to cook with (unless you are allergic to peanuts) as it burns at a relatively high temperature and has a mild taste.

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  1. I love peanuts a lot and never knew where they grew it was very interesting to find out, but know I have to find out where cashews grow from! lol

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