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Where do Polar Bears Live

Polar bears are the world’s largest land dwelling carnivore and they weigh up to 600kg (1300lb). The very thick fur on a polar bear protect it from the freezing cold climates in which they are found. Polar bears love eating seals, but have been known to eat just about anything when very hungry. But where do polar bears live? This article will answer that question and also look at seven interesting facts about polar bears.

Where do Polar Bears Live
Polar bears live in and around the Artic Ocean. Polar bears spend their time on ice, on land and in the water. Polar bears are often found around the perimeter of the ice where there are cracks in the ice that seals can breathe through. They then swoop down and eat the seals. Polar bears are exclusively found in five countries. These are Canada (in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago), Greenland, Norway, Russia (in Siberia) and the United States (in Alaska only). So now you know where polar bears live. Now let’s look at seven amazing facts about polar bears.

Seven Amazing Polar Bear Facts
Fact 1: The global population of polar bears is estimated to be around 20,000 to 25,000. They are classified as a vulnerable species.

Fact 2: The number of polar bears is expected to decrease by at least two thirds by 2050 due to global warming and melting of the ice where polar bears live.

Fact 3: An amazing 95% of the polar bear diet consists of seals, both ringed and bearded seals.

Fact 4: Adult male polar bears often have broken teeth and scars due to fighting with other males over mating rights.

Fact 5: Wolves prey on baby polar bears

Fact 6: The oldest polar bear lived to be 41 in captivity. In the wild, the oldest polar bear observed was 32.

Fact 7: Humans are the only hunters of adult polar bears.

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