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Where Do Quolls Live

The quoll is a nocturnal marsupial best known for their ferocity despite their relatively small size. There are 6 species of quoll and these range in size from very small 300g (11 oz) to the largest size of 7kg (15 lb). They have black or brown fur with irregular shaped white spots and a distinctive pink nose. They do not live for very long, between 2-5 years, and the population of the species is threatened by a variety of factors. Continue reading to find out more about the distribution of the quoll.

Where do quolls live?
Of the 6 species of quolls, 4 inhabit parts of the continent of Australia and 2 inhabit New Guinea.

In Australia the species of quolls once inhabited a large portion of the country. A variety of factors such as predators, the introduction of the poisonous cane toad, human development and poison baiting have caused a reduction in their territory. They are now found throughout much of the east coast of Australia and in small sections of northern and Western Australia. One species of quoll, the eastern quoll, is now extinct on the mainland of Australia, but can still be found throughout the island state of Tasmania.

The bronze quoll and New Guinean quoll are the two species of quolls that are found in New Guinea. The New Guinean quoll is distributed throughout the northern part of New Guinea. The bronze quoll is only found in a small section of southern New Guinea.

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