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Where Do Raccoons Live

Raccoons, sometimes simply called coons, are a mammal of approximately 3-9 kg (6.5-20 lbs) in weight and 40-70 cm (16-28 in) in length. Their most distinctive feature of a raccoon is the dark fur around the eyes, contrasted by the white color of the face; which appears to look like a bandit’s mask. They are nocturnal animals, which means that they are more active during the night. The raccoon is a omnivore (eats plants and animals) and will eat almost any food that is available. Let’s take a look at the habitat and distribution of this species.

Where do raccoons live?
Raccoons found throughout North America, from Canada to Panama. They have also been accidentally or deliberately introduced into other areas including parts of Europe and Asia. There are now stable populations found in many countries such as Germany, France and Japan.

What is the habitat of the raccoon?
Raccoons usually live in forests because they climb trees when they are threatened. They make their dens in tree hollows or in burrows dug by other animals. They generally avoid open areas or areas that contain trees that are too smooth to climb. They are usually found near water because they prey on many creatures that live in these environments. The raccoon has also become accustomed to living in urban environments where it is sometimes considered to be a pest.

Did you know?
There are actually 3 species referred to as raccoons, but most people are only familiar with the common raccoon. The crab-eating raccoon is found throughout much of South America and the Cozumel raccoon is only found on Cozumel Island, which is an island in the Caribbean Sea.

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