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Where Do Skunks Live

Skunks are mammals that are well known for producing a foul odor from their anal scent glands as a defense. There are 12 species that belong to the skunk family, including 2 species of stink badgers that were once thought to be members of the badger family. Skunks were once thought to belong to the weasel family, but recent evidence shows that they are not actually closely related to this family at all. Let’s take a look at the habitat and distribution of the skunk.

Where do skunks live?
10 of the 12 species of skunks are found throughout parts of North, Central and South America. The best known of these species if the striped skunk, which inhabits much of the North American continent. The Javan stink badger is only found on the islands of Borneo, Sumatra, and Java. The Palawan stink badger is only found on the islands of Palawan and Busuanga.

Skunks are generally solitary animals, but will den together in cold climates. They either dig burrows with their front claws or find a suitable natural or man-man area that they can use as a den. They will inhabit a variety of habitats including woodlands, forests and grasslands. They are also commonly found in areas settled by humans.

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