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Where do Sloths Live

Sloths are mammals best known for the fact that they will only move when necessary and when they do move it is in a very slow manner. They have shaggy fur, stubby tails and a distinct type of curved claws. Sloths are related to armadillos and anteaters, which all have a similar type of claws. There are 6 living species of sloth and these are further classified into two or three toed sloths. Most of the species inhabit a similar region and habitat. Let’s take a look at the current distribution and habitat of this unique animal.

Where do sloths live?
Sloths are only found in the rainforests of Central and South America and the range of at least 3 of these species overlaps. Most of the species are found in the northern regions of South America, which includes the Amazon Rainforest. They spend almost in trees and are known for eating, sleeping and giving birth hanging from the branches, rather than sitting on top of them. They only come to the ground is to move to another tree and once a week to defecate and urinate and at this time they will dig a hole and cover it. Interestingly, they do this is the same spot every week!

Did you know?
It was once thought that sloths sleep 15-18 hours per day, but later research shows that this number is much closer to 10 hours.

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