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Where Do Snakeheads Live

Snakeheads are a predatory freshwater fish that have gained much celebrity over the last few years. They have the amazing ability to breathe air and can cross short stretches of land in search of water and food. They have long, agile bodies and narrow pointed heads with sharp teeth. There are 30-35 species of snakehead and they are a very real threat when introduced to waterways other than their natural habitats.

Where do Snakeheads Live?
Snakeheads are native to the continents of Asia and Africa. They have also been introduced to other areas in the world such as Hawaii, Madagascar, Taiwan and Southern Japan. They were also introduced to Fiji and Czechoslovakia but these introductions failed as they did not take to the provided habitat. Snakeheads have also been found in some waterways in the USA such as Maryland, Potomac River and parts of Florida. Other sightings have also been made in other waterways, but the populations of snakeheads are not established. The snakeheads in the US are there due to the illegal release of these animals into the wild by people who were keeping them as pets.

No matter where they are located in the world snakeheads are thrush feeders and like to live in areas with plenty of water and food. They prefer to live in freshwater ponds, lakes, rivers and streams. They like areas that are dense with aquatic weed. They tend to live alone rather than in schools due to their aggressive nature. Some species of snakehead thrive in water with very high acidity. Most snakehead species can inhabit any type of freshwater regardless of the pH level.

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