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Where do the Baltimore Ravens Play

The Baltimore Ravens are a professional football team that compete in the Northern Division of the American Football Conference in the National Football League (NFL). They were established in 1996 when the Cleveland Browns were temporarily removed from the league while a new stadium was built. Success came relatively quickly and in 2000 the Ravens won their first Super Bowl Championship. At the time of their founding in 1996 the Ravens played their home games at Memorial Stadium. However, this stadium was run-down and deemed to be no longer suitable for professional sports. Let’s find out where the Ravens play their home games today.

Where do the Baltimore Ravens play?
In 1998 the Ravens moved into the brand new Ravens Stadium at Camden Yards, which was built in approximately 2 years at a total cost of $220 million. The initial capacity of this stadium was 68,400, but this has increased to over 71,000 since 2007. In 1999 the stadium became the PSINet Stadium, but this changed again in 2001 after PSI Net went bankrupt. Today, it is known as M&T Bank Stadium. The stadium is also used for other events such as concerts. soccer games, lacrosse, and college football.

Did you know?
M&T Bank Stadium initially had a natural grass surface, but this was replaced by artificial turf in 2003.

The largest home crowd in Ravens history came in 2012 with 71,547 people attending the playoff game between the Ravens and the Houston Texans.

The stadium looks likely to undergo another name change in the near future with M&T Bank in merger discussions with other banks.

The stadium was used in the filming of the movie “The Replacements” as the home stadium of the fictional “Washington Sentinels.”

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