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Where do the Boston Red Sox Play

The Boston Red Sox are a professional baseball team founded in 1901 as one of the original teams of the American League. Today they compete in the East Division of the American League, which is one of the six divisions of Major League Baseball (MLB). Since their founding the Red Sox have been a successful team winning 7 World Series Titles. However, they are even more well known for their long World Series drought after selling Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees. This is commonly referred to as the Curse of the Bambino and has played a part in solidifying the strong rivalry between the two clubs. If you want to know where the Boston Red Sox play their home games, keep reading to find out.

Where do the Boston Red Sox play
Since 1912 the Boston Red Sox have played their home games at Fenway Park. This ballpark was built in less than a year at a cost of $640,000 (equivalent to about $15 million today). The stadium has a capacity of 37,493 for night games and 37,065 for day games. It has the smallest capacity of any current MLB stadium and is one of two stadiums with a capacity of less than 40,000 people. Amazingly, this ballpark is the oldest current venue used by a professional sporting team in the United States.

Did you know?
2012 is the 100th year that Fenway Park has played host to the Boston Red Sox. A commemorative logo will be used for this season.

Fenway Park has also hosted many other sporting events, concerts and other events over the years. It has been used for soccer, football and ice hockey.

Before moving into Fenway Park, the Boston Red Sox played at the Huntington Avenue American League Base Ball Grounds (better known as Huntington Avenue Grounds). The first ever World Series game was played here in 1903.

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