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Where do the Buffalo Bills Play

The Buffalo Bills are a professional football team that compete in the National Football League. The team is a member of the AFC East, which is part of the American Football Conference. Since their founding in 1959, they have been based in Buffalo, New York. The Bills have been one of the most unluckiest teams in the NFL and although they have made 17 playoff appearances (13 in the NFL) they have never won the Super Bowl. If you want to know where this team plays their home games, keep reading to find out.

Where do the Buffalo Bills Play?
The Buffalo Bills play their home games at Ralph Wilson Stadium, which was known as Rich Stadium until 1998. The stadium is an open air design and uses artificial turf. It is located in Orchard Park, which is a suburb of the city. The Bills have played here since the opening of the stadium in 1973 and before this time played at the War Memorial Stadium in Buffalo. The Ralph Wilson Stadium cost a total of $22 million to build and had a seating capacity of 80,020. The capacity has been reduced since the lease was renewed in 1998 and the stadium was refitted with upgraded seating. Today the official seating capacity is 73,079. Unlike many other football stadiums, the Bills are the only tenants of the Ralph Wilson Stadium. However, it is used for other sporting events and concerts.

Since the 2008 NFL Season the Bills have played one home game a year at the Rogers Centre in Toronto. This was the first time that an NFL team has used a home stadium outside of the United States.

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