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Where do the Charlotte Bobcats Play

The Charlotte Bobcats are a professional basketball team that compete in the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference in the National Basketball Association. The team was founded as an expansion team in 2004, two years after the Charlotte Hornets (the previous NBA team located in Charlotte) relocated to New Orleans. The team has been relatively unsuccessful since their formation and they have not yet won any titles. In 2010 the team was acquired by former NBA star Michael Jordan and later that year the team qualified for the playoffs for the first time. Despite their short history the Bobcats have had two home arenas. Let’s find out where they play their home games today.

Where do the Charlotte Bobcats play?
The Charlotte Bobcats play their home games at Time Warner Cable Arena (originally called Charlotte Bobcats Arena) which is located in the city center of Charlotte. It has a capacity of 19,077 for basketball games and this can be expanded to 20,200 when required. It was built between 2003 and 2005 and cost a total of $260 million. Despite being best known as the home of the Bobcats, it has been used for a number of other events such as: wrestling, ice hockey (it is also the home of the Charlotte Checkers), conventions, concerts and much more.

In their first season the Bobcats played their home games at the Charlotte Coliseum (the former home of the Hornets). This arena housed just over 24,000 fans for basketball games. Despite being less than 20 years old it was sold in 2005 and demolished in 2007. A new development was planned for the site, but the economic crisis delayed this work. The Hornets were a very popular team and, despite having one of the largest arenas in the league, they sold out the Coliseum for 364 consecutive games between 1988 and 1997!

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