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Where do the Chicago Bulls Play

The Chicago Bulls are a professional basketball team based in Chicago, Illinois. They compete in the National Basketball Association (NBA) and are members of the Central Division of the Western Conference. The team was founded in 1966 and recorded the best record by an expansion team in the history of the league. Despite this record the team had very little success in the early years. However, this changed with the drafting of the basketball superstar Michael Jordan in 1984. Led by Jordan, the Bulls created one of the best dynasties of all time by winning 6 NBA Championships from 6 Appearances in the 1990′s (1991-1993 and 1996-1998). Continue reading if you want to know where the Chicago Bulls play their home games.

Where do the Chicago Bulls play?
The Chicago Bulls play their home games at United Center, which is an indoor arena located in Chicago. It was opened in 1994 after 2 years of construction for a cost of $175 million. The current seating capacity for basketball games is 20,916, but standing room brings the capacity to at least 23,129. The Bulls share the United Center with the Chicago Blackhawks (NHL). It has also used for concerts, wrestling, the circus, conventions and other sporting events.

Did you know?
The United Center is sometimes known as “The House that Jordan Built,” because he brought success (on and off the court) to the team.

The naming rights for the arena are owned by United Airlines until 2014. They pay approximately $1.8 million a year for this privilege.

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