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Where do the Cincinnati Reds Play

The Cincinnati Reds are a professional major league baseball team that compete in the Central Division of the National League. The team can be traced back to the Cincinnati Base Ball Club formed in 1866, which became the first all professional team in 1869 called the Cincinnati Red Stockings. Their name was changed to Reds after their reinclusion in the National League in 1890. The Reds have won 5 World Series Championships. Continue reading to find out where the Cincinnati Reds play their home games.

Where do the Cincinnati Reds play?
Since 2003 the Reds have played at the Great American Ball Park. This ballpark took 2 and a half years to build at a cost of about $290 million. The original capacity of the stadium was 42,271 and this was increased to 42,319 in 2008. The stadium is sometimes used for other events such as concerts or political rallies. The Great American Ball Park is built next to the Riverfront Stadium (Cinergy Field), which was the previous home of the Reds from 1970. Before this the Reds played at Crosley Field, which was the first stadium to host a night game in 1935!

Did you know?
The Cincinnati Red Stockings joined the National League in 1876, but were expelled from the league in 1880. The president of the league was unhappy with them selling beer at the games and playing on Sundays. The president was able to convince the other owners to ban these practices and the Cincinnati president wouldn’t sign the pledge!

During the 1950′s the team was concerned that their name would be associated with communism. This caused the team to change their name to Cincinnati Redlegs for 6 seasons.

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