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Where do the Cleveland Cavaliers Play

The Cleveland Cavaliers, known as the “Cavs,” are a professional basketball team that joined the National Basketball League (NBA) in 1970. Since their founding they have been based in Cleveland, Ohio. They compete in the Central Division of the Eastern Conference. They have won 3 division titles and 1 conference title, but have never won a NBA Championship. If you want to know where the Cleveland Cavaliers play their home games, keep reading to find out.

Where do the Cleveland Cavaliers Play?
The home arena of the Cleveland Cavaliers is Quicken Loans Arena located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. The stadium was opened in 1994 after 2 years of construction and cost a total of $100 million to build. Until 2005 it was known as Gund Arena, which was named after a former owner of the Cavaliers. After a new owner took over in 2005 the arena was renamed and renovated to improve the facilities. It currently has a capacity of 20,562 for basketball games.

The arena is also shared by other professional sports teams including the Lake Erie Monsters (AHL) and the Cleveland Gladiators (AFL). It is also used for many other events such as wrestling, figure skating and concerts.

Did you know?
The Quicken Loans Arena is built on the site of the Central Market that dates back to 1856.

Before Quicken Loans Arena was built, the Cavaliers played at the 20,273 capacity arena Coliseum at Richfield (also called Richfield Coliseum). Prior to this the Cavs played at Cleveland Arena, which seated 9,900 people. Both of these arenas have since been demolished.

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