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Where do the Dallas Mavericks Play

The Dallas Mavericks, commonly called the Mavs, are a professional basketball team that compete in the Southwest Division of the Western Conference of the National Basketball Association. The team is based in Dallas, Texas, where they were established in 1980. The team quickly became popular and in 2012 was named the fourth most valuable franchise in the league. The Mavs have found some success during their relatively short time in the league, including one NBA Championship in 2011. The Mavericks played their first home game at Reunion Arena in downtown Dallas, but this was demolished in 2009. Let’s find out where the Mavs play their home games today.

Where do the Dallas Mavericks play?
The Mavericks play at American Airlines Center, which is a multipurpose arena near downtown Dallas sponsored by American Airlines. In 1998 the Mavericks and the Dallas Stars (NHL) were looking for a new facility to replace the ageing Reunion Arena. The new arena was built between 1999 and 2001 at a total cost of $420 million, with funding being provided with new taxes and from the teams. The American Airlines Center seats approximately 19,200 for basketball games and this increases to 21,146 with standing room. Apart from being used for Mavericks and Stars games this arena is also used for other events such as wrestling, concerts and other sporting events.

Did you know?
The first event at the American Airlines Center was a concert by the Eagles. The first sporting event was an indoor soccer game between the Dallas Sidekicks and the San Diego Sockers.

The NBA and NHL seasons overlap, which means that the teams sometimes play on the same day. There are a team of 60 people to perform changeovers and the fastest conversion from a basketball to hockey arena is just 80 minutes. The following video shows the changeover process.

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