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Where do the Green Bay Packers Play

The Green Bay Packers are a professional football team that compete in the North Division of the National Football Conference as a part of the National Football League (NFL). The Packers were founded in 1919 and are considered to be the third oldest franchise in the league. They are based in the small city of Green Bay, Wisconsin and are the only non-profit, community owned team in the NFL. Despite being the last of the “small town teams”, the Packers are one of the most successful football teams with a total of 13 league Championships, including 4 Super Bowl titles. Let’s find out where the Green Bay Packers play their home games.

Where do the Green Bay Packers play?
Since 1957 the Packers have played their home games at Lambeau Field, previously known as New City Stadium until it was renamed in honor of Packers founder, player, and coach, Curly Lambeau. The stadium cost a total of $960,000 and had an initial capacity of 32,500. The stadium has undergone many renovations and improvements over the years and many increases in capacity. In 2003 a $295 million renovation further increased the capacity to 73,128 and there are plans to increase it to more than 79,000 in the near future. Lambeau Field has also been used for other events such as college and high school football, ice hockey, concerts, fireworks displays and even snowmobile racing!

Prior to their move into Lambeau Field the Packers played at the City Stadium (31 years), Bellevue Park (2 years) and Hagemeister Park (3 years).

Did you know?
Despite the continual increase in capacity, season tickets have been sold out since 1960 and more than 80,000 remain on the waiting list. It is estimated that the current average waiting time for season tickets will be about 900 years!

In 2007 the Packers, playing their 51st season at Lambeau Field, beat the NFL record for the longest active home field tenure.

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