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Where do the Montreal Canadiens Play

The Montreal Canadiens (Les Canadiens de Montréal: French) are a professional hockey team founded in 1909. This makes them the oldest currently operating professional hockey team and one of the oldest sports franchises in North America. They are based in Montreal, in the state of Quebec in Canada. They compete in the Northeast Division of the Eastern Conference. They were one of the original founding members of the National Hockey League in 1917 and have played in this league since this time. They have been a very successful team over their history with a total of 24 Stanley Cups. Continue reading if you want to know where the Montreal Canadiens play their home games.

Where do the Montreal Canadiens play?
The home arena of the Montreal Canadiens is the Bell Centre (Centre Bell: French) located in Montreal. This arena was opened in 1996 after a 3 year construction at a cost of $270 million. It was originally known as the Molson Centre (Centre Molson: French) until 2002, when Bell Canada bought the naming rights. The Bell Centre seats 21,273 for ice hockey games and it is also used for other events such as concerts, wrestling, UFC and basketball.

Prior to the Bell Centre the Canadiens played at the Montreal Forum (Le Forum de Montréal: French). The moved into this arena when it opened in 1924 and won 22 of their 24 Stanley Cups while playing their home games here. Other former homes of the team include the Mount Royal Arena, Montreal Westmount Arena and Jubilee Rink.

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