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Where Do the San Jose Sharks Play

The San Jose Sharks are members of the NHL. This post will tell you where the San Jose Sharks play their home games and then give you a few interesting facts about the Sharks!

Where Do the San Jose Sharks Play

The San Jose Sharks play at HP Pavilion located at 525 West Santa Clara Street in San Jose, California. It was previously known as Compaq Center at San Jose and San Jose Arena. It is commonly called ‘The Shark Tank’ or ‘The Tank’. So now you know where the San Jose Sharks play.

Facts About the San Jose Sharks

  • HP Pavilion cost $162.5 million to build.
  • The stadium’s capacity for hockey matches is 17,496. For basketball matches it is 18,500 and for concerts it is 19,190.
  • The San Jose Sharks were founded in 1991.
  • Doug Wilson was captain of the Sharks between 1991-1993.
  • The Sharks sponsor the ‘China Sharks’ in Asia League Ice Hockey.
  • Patrick Marleau is the all-time leading scorer for the Sharks.
  • The official colors of the Sharks are deep pacific teal, burnt orange, black and white.
  • For their first two seasons, the Sharks played at Cow Palace in Daly City (which is just outside of San Francisco).
  • Pat Falloon was the first player drafted by the Sharks (second overall in the 1991 draft).

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