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Where Do The Texas Rangers Play

The Texas Rangers are a professional baseball team established in 1961. They were originally the Washington Senators, based in Washington, D.C. They moved to Arlington, Texas in 1972 and changed their name. They compete in the Western Division of the American League as a part of Major League Baseball. In their history they have never managed to win the World Series Championship, but have won 5 Western Division titles and 1 American League Pennant. If you want to know where the Texas Rangers play their home games, keep reading to find out.

Where do the Texas Rangers play?
The Texas Rangers play their home games at the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington where they are the only tenants. They have played at this stadium since its completion in 1994 and during this time it also went by the names The Ballpark in Arlington and the Ameriquest Field in Arlington. The stadium currently seats 49,170 patrons. It is known as a very hitter friendly stadium because it is relatively short fences, high temperatures and swirling wind. Before moving into the Rangers Ballpark in Arlington the Texas Rangers played at the Arlington Stadium, which was demolished after the opening of the new stadium in 1994.

Did you know?
The Rangers Ballpark in Arlington cost $191 million to build, which is equivalent of about $280 million in 2011.

The record attendance for the stadium in 52,419, which is over 3000 more than the official capacity of the stadium.

At the first game at the stadium a patron posing for a photo fell 35 feet over a railing in right field. She survived, but broke several bones. The railings were raised to prevent this from happening in the future. Unfortunately there have been at least 4 other falls at the stadium, including one death in 2011.

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