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Where do the Washington Capitals Play

The Washington Capitals, known as “The Caps,” are a professional ice hockey team that compete in the National Hockey League (NHL). They were founded in 1974 as a NHL expansion team. They are a part of the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference. They have won 7 division titles and one conference championship, but have never won the Stanley Cup. If you want to know where the Washington Capitals play their home games, continue reading to find out.

Where do the Washington Capitals play?
Since 1997 the Capitals have played at the newly built Verizon Center (originally known as the MCI Center). The stadium is located in Washington, D.C., USA. The stadium took about a year to build and cost $260 million. It originally had a capacity for ice hockey of 19,740, but today the capacity for Washington Capitals games is 18.506. This capacity is the 2nd smallest of any team in the Southeast Division.

Prior to moving into the Verizon Center in 1997, the Washington Capitals played at the Capital Center. It had a capacity of 18,130 and was the first arena to have a center-hung replay screen. It was demolished in 2002 to make way for a shopping mall.

Did you know?
This arena is also used by the Washington Wizards (NBA), Washington Mystics (WNBA) and the Georgetown Hoyas (NCAA). It also hosts concerts, boxing, wrestling and other special events.

The Verizon Center is nicknamed “The Phone Booth,” because it has always been sponsored by telecommunications companies.

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