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Where Do Vultures Live

Vultures are birds from one of two groups; Old World Vultures and New World Vultures. Despite their name these two groups of vultures are not closely related. However, all species of vultures are scavenging birds and are best known for feeding on dead animal carcasses. They are also known for having a “bald head” and this characteristic can be seen in most species. Keep reading if you want to know more about the habitat and distribution of the vulture.

Where do vultures live?
Generally speaking, New World Vultures are found in North and South America and Old World Vultures are found in Africa, Europe and Asia. The only continents of the world that do not have at least one species of vulture are Australia and Antarctica. Most species of vultures remain in one general area, but some species do migrate at certain times of the year. They inhabit a wide variety of habitats and many species nest high on mountains in ledges or rocky outcrops.

Did you know?
At least one species of vulture can be found year round throughout South America, Central America and the southern United States. In Summer, the turkey vulture can be found from southern Canada through to the southern tip of South America!

The largest true bird of prey is thought to be the Cinereous Vulture, which can reach 120 cm (47 in.) long and up to 14 kg (31lbs)!

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