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Where Do Wallabies Live

Wallabies are a small marsupial that are very closely related to the kangaroo. There are about 30 species of wallabies and at least three species are endangered. Just like kangaroos, wallabies carry their young in a pouch. During this time the young wallaby is referred to as a “joey.” The name wallaby comes from an indigenous Australian tribe called Eora. Continue reading to find out the habitat and distribution of the wallaby.

Where do wallabies live?
All these are native to Australia and can be found throughout much of the continent. There are also at least five species of wallabies in New Guinea. Breeding populations have also been introduced (accidentally or on purpose)into parts of, New Zealand, the Isle of Man, Hawaii, England, Scotland, Ireland and France. In many of these areas there are plans to remove these introduced animals. They can also be found in many of the zoo’s around the world.

Unlike kangaroos, who live on the semi arid plains, wallabies prefer to live in remote forests or rugged terrain. The 16 species of rock wallaby choose to live in rocky and steep areas where they find protection. They are surprisingly agile and are sometimes referred to as the mountain goats of Australia.

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