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Where Do Weasels Live

Weasels are a mammals that belong to the Mustelidae family. This family of animals also includes animals such as, the wolverine, otter, badger and mink. They are carnivores and prey on small mammals. There are over 10 species of weasel that are widely distributed throughout much of the world. Let’s take a closer look where weasels can be found.

Where do weasels live?
At least one species of weasel can be found on every continent on Earth apart from Australia and Antarctica. Their distribution covers much of Asia, North America and the northern areas of South America. However, they are only found in very small regions of Africa. The following map shows the distribution of all species of weasel.

Distribution map of the weasel
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Weasels inhabit a wide variety of different habitats and always remain close to a source of food and water. When they are not looking for food or water they spend much of their time in a den. They will often use the burrows of other animals, but will also create their own when necessary. They are also found close to human habitation, but the largest concentrations will be near farm buildings because they prey on the mice and rats attracted to these areas. In some cases the weasel is considered a pest because they have been known to prey on poultry.

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