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Where do Wolverines Live

Wolverines are a stocky animal that are about the same size as a medium dog. They have a reputation as a fierce predator and are capable of bringing down a moose. They are a part of the weasel family that also includes badgers and otters. The population of wolverines has been in a decline due to loss of habitat and hunting in the last century, but they are not considered to be a threatened or endangered species. Continue reading to find out more about the distribution and habitat of the wolverine.

Where do wolverines live?
Wolverines can be found throughout the isolated northern areas of Europe, Asia and North America. This includes parts of Alaska, Canada, Rocky Mountains, Scandinavia, Russia, China and Mongolia. The largest population of wolverines is believed to be located in Canada. It is believed that wolverines once inhabited a larger region of the western United States.

Wolverines have a very large home range, about 620 km2 (240 sq mi) for males, and they will move between different habitats to find food. They feel most comfortable in remote areas well away from humans. Wolverines live in dens, which is where the female gives birth and cares for her young. These dens are usually found in tundra regions and are made of snow tunnels close to rocks.

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