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Where Do Zebras Live

Zebras are very social animals that are often spotted in the wild in large herds. But where do zebras live? This post aims to answer that question and also tell you some other interesting things about zebras.

Where do zebras live?

While there are a few zebras living in zoos around the world, they are only found in the wild in one continent- Africa. Plains zebras, which live in grassland, live all around Africa. Mountain zebras, which (as the name suggests) live in mountainous regions, live in dry southern African countries- Angola, Namibia and South Africa. Grevy’s zebras, which live in shrubland and grassland, live in Northern African countries- Kenya and Ethiopia.

Interesting things about zebras

  • Zebras eat a lot of grass. They graze throughout the day.
  • The average height of a fully grown zebra is 1.25-1.5 meters (4-5 feet).
  • Grevy’s zebras and Mountain zebras are both listed as endangered species. There are very few of them left as they have nearly been hunted to extinction.
  • Zebras have amazing eyesight, smell and hearing. All these help them recognize when predators and coming to find them.
  • Zebras have very long jaws which allow them to hold a lot of food in their mouths!

Source: Kid Cyber

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  1. zebras live in africa and they are always in a large wild herd sometimes they are in the mountains they have a really good eyesight and good hearing so thats how they know when the predators are coming to kill them

  2. i lov zebras there my 2nd favourite animal my 1st is tigers /white tigers.
    i watched roar on cbbc and i saw the zebras and there cuter than u think

  3. this info was great because i have to do a report for world geography and its about zebras so yea… this info was very helpful who ever wrote or found out this info God bless you and have a nice day….ooo and i almost forgot dont forget God loves you no matter what : ] now you can have a nice day : ] well once again thank you for the info

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