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Where Does Iron Come From

There are two forms of iron that exist in the world. One is a magnetic metal which is silver-white in color and is commonly used in construction and for tools and armaments. Often found as a compound with other rocks known as ore it is used as alloy with other metals to create various different everyday items. The other is a mineral that is needed to help red blood cells deliver oxygen to our bodies. The mineral of iron comes in two forms haem and non-haem. Haem types of iron are more easily absorbed than non-haem.

Where Does The Metal Iron Come From?
As with most other metals iron is mined from beneath the earth surface. Approximately 10% of the earth crust is made up of iron making it one of the most abundant elements. Iron comes from iron ore which is a combination of the element iron and other metals and rock. This ore is then refined to extract the pure iron. This is done through the process of smelting. Australia is the world’s largest iron ore exporter with the majority of the ore being mined from Western Australia. 50 countries worldwide produce iron ore with the biggest contributors being Russia, Brazil, China, India and the United States.

Where Does The Mineral Iron Come From?
The mineral iron is essential for healthy living. It comes in two different forms heme and non-haem. Haem iron is found in animal products such as oysters, meat, poultry and fish. Non-haem iron is found in fruits and vegetables particularly dried fruits, molasses, and leafy green vegetables such as spinach and of course in iron supplements. A person that is not getting enough iron may feel lethargic, have difficulty maintaining their body temperature, find concentrating hard and get sick easily as the immune system is compromised.

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