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Where is Death Valley Located

Death Valley is a desert valley in the United States that is known for being one of the hottest and driest locations in North America. In 1913 a record temperature of 56.7 °C (134 °F) was recorded and on average there are 192 days over 32 °C (90 °C) in the valley. The average rainfall for the area is just 60 mm (2.36 in.). The name of the valley came from the prospectors who had to cross the valley on their way to the gold fields during the California Gold Rush. Despite the name, only 1 death was recorded in the valley during this time. The area was made a National Monument in 1933 and in 1994 it was re-registered and expanded to create the Death Valley National Park. Let’s take a look at the specific location of Death Valley within the United States.

Where is Death Valley located?
Death Valley is located in Eastern California near the border of California and Nevada. It is located in the area known as the Great Basin, to the east of the Sierra Nevada mountains, and it is also a part of the Mojave Desert. Most of the valley is situated within Inyo County.

The Death Valley National Park Visitors Center is located near Furnace Creek. The closest major city is Las Vegas, which is about 2-3 hours away. The park is open daily and there is an entry fee. For more information visit the National Park Service Website.

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