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Where is Fiji Located

Fiji is a small island nation that consists of more than 330 islands, although only 110 of those are permanently inhabited. Fiji is a popular tourist destination and is popular for its warm tropical climate, many miles of coastline and coral reefs. The majority of tourists to the island are from Australia, New Zealand and the USA. If you ever wondered where this tropical paradise is located, keep reading to find out.

Where is Fiji located?
The general location of Fiji is commonly known as the South Pacific, Oceania or Australasia. Fiji is found in the Melanesia is a subregion of Oceania. Fiji is located in the Southern Hemisphere, approximately 1,100 nautical miles (2,000 km; 1,300 mi) northeast of New Zealand. It does not share a border with any other countries because it is an island nation and the closest countries to Fiji are the other island nations. Fiji is east of Vanuatu, northeast of New Caledonia, west of Tonga and Samoa, and south of Wallis and Futuna and Tuvalu.

The capital city of Suva is located on the southeast coast of Viti Levu, which is the largest island in Fiji. The coordinates of the capital are 18.141°S 178.441°E.

Did you know?
It is thought that most of Fiji was formed through volcanic activity, although most of this activity has long passed.

Fiji has long been known as the “friendly isles,” which is a way to explain the relaxed and welcoming attitude of the local people.

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