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Where is Germany Located

Germany is a country that can be traced back to the Germanic tribes believed to date back to the Pre-Roman Iron Age (5th-1st century B.C.). It is the 13th largest country in terms of population and one of the richest countries in the world. It is a major regional and world political and financial power. Germany is an important member of the European Union, NATO and the Eurozone. The country was involved in both of the World Wars and during World War II Germany expanded their territory throughout Europe. The country was split into East and West Germany after defeat in World War II. This means that the modern borders of the country were not established until 1990 when the country was reunified into a single sovereign nation. Let’s find out where Germany is located.

Where is Germany located?
Germany is located in the central-west of the European continent. It shares a border with Denmark (to the north), Poland and the Czech Republic (to the east), Austria and Switzerland (to the south), France and Luxembourg (to the southwest), and Belgium and the Netherlands (the the northwest). The country covers a total area of 357,021 km2 (137,847 sq mi) and is the seventh largest country in Europe. The following map shows the location of Germany in Europe (surrounding countries also marked).
A politcal map of Europe.
(click to enlarge)

This world map shows the location of Germany in relation to the rest of the world (marked in red).
A world map with the location of Germany marked in red.

Germany is made up of 16 states and each state has its own constitution. The following is a political map of Germany with the location of the states.
A politcal map of Germany showing the location of the states.

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