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Where is Haiti Located

Haiti (official title: The Republic of Haiti) is a small country that occupies part of an island known as Hispaniola. The country covers just 27,750 km2 and has a population of almost 10 million. The capital city, and largest city, of Haiti is Port-au-Prince, which has a population of about 900,000. Haiti has been under both Spanish and French rule and was occupied by the United States for a period of time. Today, it is an independent nation. Unfortunately, Haiti is best known as a very poor country that has a long history of political strife along with a number of devastating natural disasters. Let’s find out where this country is located.

Where is Haiti located?
We already know that Haiti is located on the island of Hispaniola. Haiti covers the western portion of this island and the Dominican Republic covers the central and eastern portion. Hispaniola is located in the Caribbean Sea to the south-west of Florida, east of Mexico and north of Venezuela. The following is a map of the world with Haiti marked in red with a red circle.
A map of the world showing the location of Haiti.
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In the Caribbean region Haiti is located to the south-east of Cuba, east of Jamaica and west of Puerto Rico. The following is a map of this region with the island of Hispaniola located in the middle.
Map of the Caribbean

Did you know?
Haiti was the first independent country in Latin American and the Caribbean following a slave revolution. Independence was declared in 1804, but wasn’t recognised until 1825.

Despite being a small country by area in world standards, Haiti is the third largest country in the Caribbean.

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