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Where is Honduras Located

Honduras (officially: Republic of Honduras) is a small country in terms of both area and population. The entire country covers just 112,492 square kilometers (43,278 square miles) and has a population of about 8.3 million people. This means that it has about the same population and is approximately the same size as the US state of Virginia. Honduras was established as an independent nation in 1838, after initially declaring independence from Spain in 1821. Honduras has a history of political turmoil and has the highest homicide rate in the world. However, the country has many positive aspects as well including important exports such as coffee, fruit and sugar cane, and beautiful rainforest regions. Let’s find out where this country is located.

Where is Honduras located?
Honduras is located in Central America and it shares borders with Nicaragua (to the south-east), El Salvador (to the south-west) and Guatemala (to the west). The north of the country connects to the Caribbean Sea via the Gulf of Honduras and the south is connected to the Pacific Ocean by the Gulf of Fonseca. The following is a map of the region showing the location of Honduras and the surrounding countries.
A political map of Central America.

The following is a world map with the location of Honduras marked in red.
A world map with the location of Honduras marked in red.
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Border disputes
Honduras and El Salvador resolved a long running border dispute in 1993. The dispute began in the 18th century and was a significant factor in a war between the two countries in 1969. As a part of the peace treaty the countries submitted the dispute to the International Court of Justice. The court handed down a ruling in 1992 and both countries have accepted the ruling. About 437 square kilometers was in dispute and over 300 square kilometers was granted to Honduras with the remaining portion given to El Salvador. This ruling ensured Honduras has access to the Pacific Ocean!

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