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Where is Mexico Located

Mexico (official title: United Mexican States) is the 13th largest independent country in the world by area and the 11th largest by population. The history of modern day Mexico can be traced back to the Spanish conquest of the Aztec empire, which began in 1519. After conquest was achieved the area now known as Mexico became a part of the Spanish Empire (at that time it was called New Spain). Mexico was ruled by Spain until September 16, 1810 when priest Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla declared independence from Spain. After much fighting this independence was finally recognized on September 27, 1821 and the modern country of Mexico was born. Let’s find out where Mexico is located.

Where is Mexico located?
Mexico is located in the southern portion of the continent of North America. It shares a border with the United States to the north and with Guatemala and Belize to the southeast. The western portion of the country is bordered by the Pacific Ocean and the eastern portion is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico. The following map shows the location of Mexico in the Americas (click to enlarge).
A polical map of the Americas.

This world map shows the location of Mexico (marked in red)
A world map with the location of Mexico marked in red.

Did you know?
In the years after gaining recognition of independence in 1821 Mexico lost a large portion of its territory. The Southern portions of the country were freely given to the people of Central America not long after independence. More than half of Mexico was given up to the United States following the Mexican-American war in 1848. Despite these losses Mexico is still the fifth largest country in the Americas by area!

The following map shows the original territory of Mexico and the territorial gains/losses that occurred after independence.
Mexican territorial losses and gains after independence

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