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Where is Mongolia Located

Mongolia is a large country in terms of area, with one of the lowest population densities (average number of people per square km) in the world. The history of the nation can be traced back to Genghis Khan who created the Mongol Empire in 1206. After this time it was ruled by Mongol Khans until the 17th century when it became a part of the Qing Dynasty in China. It again became an independent nation in 1911 after the collapse of the Qing Dynasty, but struggled to assert this independence until it was official recognized by China in 1949. The following information and maps show the location of Mongolia.

Where is Mongolia located?
Mongolia is located in East Asia with a smaller part of the country in Central Asia. The country is located to the south of Russia and north of China without any access to the sea, which means that it is a landlocked country. It is also located to the east of Kazakhstan, although they do not share a border (they are about 38 km (24 mi) apart).

The following world map shows the location of Mongolia related to the rest of the world:
Location of Mongolia on a map of the World.

This map shows the location of Mongolia on the Asian continent (with some surrounding countries named):
Political map of Asia

Did you know?
Mongolia is in the top 30 largest countries on Earth in terms of area. However, it may seem small on the map because it sits between the largest (Russia) and 4th largest (China) countries in the world! It is also the 2nd largest landlocked country in the world after Kazakhstan.

The population of Mongolia is approximately 2.75 million and the population density is about 1.76 people per square kilometer, which is the lowest of any independent country in the world!

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