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Where is Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is home to some of the world’s most successful technology companies. Some of the most famous companies that are located in this area are; Apple Inc., Google, Intel , HP, eBay, Nvidia and Yahoo. The name refers to the silicon chip, which many of companies in this area were developing and manufacturing. However, today it is used to refer to any business focused on technology. Let’s take a look at where Silicon Valley is located.

Where is Silicon Valley?
Silicon Valley is located in the Santa Clara valley in California and, depending on the definition, also includes the South Bay, East Bay and Peninsula of the San Francisco Bay Area. The city of San Jose is unofficially known as the capital of Silicon Valley. Amazingly, 5 of the top 10 employers in the city are companies associated with technology. Some of the other famous cities in the region are Cupertino (home of Apple Inc), Mountain (home of Google) and Santa Clara (home of Intel).

Did you know?
The Santa Clara valley region has long been home to technological innovation. However, the term silicon valley came from entrepreneur Ralph Vaerst and wasn’t used until the 1970’s. The first published use of the term in credited to Vaerst’s friend and journalist Don Hoefler .

In 1951 the Stanford dean of engineering, Frederick Terman, came up with the idea of leasing the university’s grounds to create the Stanford Industrial Park for use by high technology companies. He also encouraged members of the university to found companies of their own. He is credited with helping many technological firms, including HP, get started in the industry. He is now regarded as the “father of silicon valley.”

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