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Where is Turkey Located

Turkey (official name: Republic of Turkey) is a relatively large country in terms of size and population. The modern day country was founded in 1923 with the Treaty of Lausanne and prior to this time the region was part of the Ottoman Empire for hundreds of years. Turkey is located in a very important area and it is no surprise that many wars have been fought for control of the region. Let’s find out where this country is located.

Where is Turkey located?
The majority of the country is located in the Middle East, with a small portion, called East Thrace, located in Europe. Turkey is bordered by 8 other countries and is found to the west of Iran, Armenia, and Azerbaikan, to the northwest of Iraq and Syria, to the southwest of Georgia, east of Greece and southeast of Bulgaria. The Black Sea is located to the north of the country and the Mediterranean Sea is to the south.

The following is a political map of the region that shows Turkey (marked with red) and surrounding countries marked:
Poltical map of the region surrounding Turkey

This map shows where Turkey is located on the world stage:
World map with Turkey marked in red

Did you know?
East Thrace, the region of the country in Europe, is also known as European Turkey. It has a total area of 23,764 km2, which is just 3% of the entire country! Istanbul, the largest and historically the most important city in the country, is also located in this region. It is one of the largest cities in Europe by metropolitan area.

Although only a very small part of the country is technically in Europe, in 2005 the country began negotiating for full membership in the European Union.

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